Koh Rong $285 Million Investment Announced

koh rong royal beach development

[January 2020] Royal Group, the biggest investment company in Koh Rong as well as one of the biggest ones in Cambodia, has announced a $285 Million dollars ($2 Billion Chinese Yuan) development project with a Chinese partner (Royal Galaxy Group).

The group is aiming to develop:

“… a five-star hotel, international conventional center, resorts, duty-free shops, supermarkets and 600 units of a villa-style resort”

Royal Group owner Kith Meng and Chinese team

Royal Group president Kith Meng states that after getting results of high occupancy rates and high profitability at Royal Sand Resort, Royal Group decided  to invest in touristic development of Koh Rong island:

“In its next step, the company will continue to build international class hotels and restaurants as well as casinos to develop Koh Rong island become a model island for Cambodia”

Kith Meng also states that all legal procedures and approvals are completed and granted for upcoming Koh Rong airport and solar power plant which will solve the power demand of a crowded Koh Rong.

A government spokesman at the Secretary of States of Civil Aviation, confirmed on January the 5th that ‘the airport construction project had completed its study.’

“The airport project on Koh Rong has been approved for a long time…The licensed company has  finished studying the project, but construction has not been started”


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