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Koh Rong island plane

Construction on Koh Rong International Eco-Tourism Airport Officially Commences

The construction of a $300 million international airport in Koh Rong Island is expected to boost the real estate development prospects of Koh Rong as well as Cambodia. The State Secretariat of Cambodian Civil Aviation and Royal Group Koh Rong Development Company signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the Koh Rong International Eco-Tourism Airport project, which includes a master plan for the airport....

dara sakor airport real photo

Dara Sakor Airport Completion Brings Tourism and Real Estate Opportunities to Koh Rong

The completion of the Dara Sakor International Airport in Botum Sakor District, Koh Kong Province, is a major development for Cambodia and its real estate market, particularly for the nearby island of Koh Rong. Koh Rong is a popular tourist destination located just 15 minutes away from the new airport, making it an attractive investment opportunity for developers and investors alike. Koh Rong airport...

dara sakor real estate property project

Dara Sakor Project: The biggest real estate development project in Cambodia

Introduction Dara Sakor project (also known as Kiri Sakor project and Koh Kong project) consists of 3 parts, 7-Star Sea technological, recreational, tourism luxury city development project, Dara Sakor airport, and Star Moon luxury coastal development project creating the economical corridors of South East Asia and the world. The project supported by 2 international seaports., 1 international Code 4...

Sihanoukville expressway highway

Phnom Penh-Sihanoukville Expressway Opens, Boosting Tourism and Real Estate Growth

Phnom Penh-Sihanoukville Expressway Opens for use, boosting tourism and real estate of Sihanoukville and Koh Rong, Cambodia The Phnom Penh-Sihanoukville Expressway, a 187-kilometer-long highway connecting Cambodia's capital city, Phnom Penh, and the deep-sea port province of Preah Sihanouk, was opened for trial use to the public on October 1, 2022. It is fully functional and operating at full capacity...

Cambodia sihanoukville property

Real Estate Investment in Cambodia

Real estate investing entails the buying, ownership, operation, leasing and/or selling of real estate for profit. Improvement of real estate property is a real estate investment strategy which is called real estate development. Real estate has limited liquidity relative to other investments. It depends on cash flow as well. It might become a risky investment if these factors are...

landed property with hard title

How can foreigners buy land legally in Cambodia?

The 1993 Cambodian Constitution states that only persons or legal entities of Khmer nationality have the right to own land. However, this law does not prohibit foreigners from investing in land in Cambodia. This law does not prohibit foreigners from investing in land in Cambodia, though Cambodian Law doesn’t allow foreigners to own land directly in their names. If you are considering investing in...

commercial property cambodia

The commercial property market in Cambodia 2021

Cambodia’s commercial real-estate market is developing at a huge pace. Its commercial buildings and apartment complexes are being built to an increasing extent around the country. Since Cambodian property is growing by leaps and bounds, therefore its high manufactured skylines are now converted into high-rise buildings and commercial centers. Cambodia represents the frontier market, which is also...

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